Management Services

Services included in our first month only 80 percent charge

  • We will perform a property assessment, which includes suggested improvements and a market rate proposal.
  • All expenses of advertising (includes photos and a comprehensive marketing campaign)
  • Presentation of property to all prospective tenants
  • Processing of all applications
  • Perform a nationwide criminal and eviction search
  • An Experian credit check of all potential tenants prior to potential lease signing
  • Collect rental history and references from former landlords
  • Provide a written lease agreement for each tenant
  • Provide tenant consultation at lease signing to insure clarity concerning the care of the property and compliance with rules and regulations.
  • Collect and hold a security deposit.
  • Collect the first month rent in advance
  • Provide tenant with a current condition checklist and inventory form and comprehensive instructions to utilize in the return of their security deposit in full.

Services included in our monthly fee of 8 percent of the rent payments

  • Rent collection and follow up on any late payments
  • Handling all communications with tenants on your behalf, including maintenance requests.
  • Payment of all approved bills directly from rental proceeds as long as funds are available
  • Monthly reports sent to you at the end of each month, detailing all income and expenses, along with your check. (direct deposit is available for your convenience)
  • Preparation of a 1099 and year end statement
  • Compliance with all Landlord/Tenant State and Federal Laws
  • Provision of an attorney, at discounted rates, to address legal issues and evictions
  • Maintenance Director on staff to ensure quality work, proper maintenance, and continued care of your property
  • General contractor on call at discounted rates for all maintenance issues
  • Rent is established at current market rates and reviewed each year
  • The rental commission and monthly fee is tax-deductible
  • Emergency contact is available for all tenants 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Additional services and fees

  • Through our years of experience we have found that there are three inspections that are essential to the protection of your property and the proper care of the tenant. We do the first two as a combination and charge only one fee of $50. The first is performed just before a lease signing to make sure that the property is ready for the new tenant. We check the appliances, heat, water supply, drains, and an overall assessment of cleanliness and preparedness. The second is performed between 30 and 60 days after the tenant has moved in. On this inspection we visually can see how your property is being cared for and also if there are issues that have occurred since the tenant moved in. These are followed by the third recommended inspection which is an annual property inspection to keep our eyes on the property condition both inside and outside. This is performed for a fee of $50 and the property owner is contacted with our report. Our inspections have proven to provide substantial owner savings and valuable feedback for maintaining their properties throughout the year.
  • All units are reviewed after tenancy terminates and a legally required tenant damage report is provided for a minimal $50 fee
  • Produce a video record of the condition of the property for a $50 fee before the lease signing upon property owner’s request

We are the original property management company in Jackson. We have learned through our many years of experience and have grown to be adept at providing you with the best property care possible!

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